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Product Description

The desk is designed for each customer, allows to adjust the heights. A gift for the child becomes his place of work for life, the lowest level  – 60cm – allows to seat beside it the proud first year pupil, and even a preschooler, the highest level  – 72cm – is already working for a high school graduate, a student, an adult man.
The recess in the tabletop is the perfect place for pencils, pens, USB Key. Legs slightly protruding sides are falling firewall for crayons. A small drawer is designed for small items, handheld documents. In a word, simple, economical form, but functional.
Desk can be purchased complete with the chair.

Designed by: FamFara

Wymiary: 60 x 120 x 60-66-72 cm

hight: 120 cm
width: 60 cm
adjustable heights:  60-66-72 cm

leaves plywood,  natural wax and oil finishing

Order delivery date
to 6 weeks

product card (PDF)
for architects

see 3D visualization